Retronaut Selects: Rock City Angels - Young Man's Blues (The Original Jim Dickinson Mix) (2024)

Published on 23 February 2024 at 16:15

I discovered Rock City Angels at Double Decker Records. I found their album Young Man's Blues on vinyl. It's a gold stamp promo. It's the single LP American pressing. I recently learned that there was an 2 LP version of the album that was released in Europe and it had more songs than the American edition. I learned about this after I noticed that there were songs on the Jim Dickinson mix album that weren't on the version I have of Young Man's Blues.

Some songs that are included on the Jim Dickinson mix version that aren't on the American pressing are South Of The Border, Wild Tiger, Rumblefish, and Tin Drum.

I read an article about Geffen choosing to promote Guns N' Roses over Rock City Angels. Something that everyone should know is that Geffen's decision to promote Guns N' Roses over other artists took opportunities away from other bands who were on Geffen. Geffen chose to promote Guns N' Roses and to them these other bands didn't matter because if they cared about them, they would've found a way to promote everyone. A label shouldn't be signing acts they aren't going to promote. Geffen is not the only label that has done this.

If you love something, share it. Promote the artists you love by sharing their music.

Essential Tunes: Beyond Babylon, Our Little Secret, Wild Tiger


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