2023 End Of Year Letter

Published on 28 December 2023 at 14:25

GenClash End Of Year Letter

2023 is almost over...and what a year it's been.

I wrote articles about The Tarney/Spencer Band, Walk The West, The Godz, Star Star, L.A. Guns, Waysted, Shawn Phillips and so many more.

I discovered new artists like Mickey Mess, Swanny James, Weighing Of Souls, Feast Of Joy, Bad Bones, Sex Sex Sex, California Rain, Roulettes, Erection, Bandit, Stompbox, Forest Green, Baby Grand, and Pousette Dart Band.

I'm close to receiving my bachelor's degree, and the only classes I have left to take are Business Calculus I, Business Calculus II, Business Statistics I, Business Statistics II and Operations Management.

It was a hard decision for me to make but I put GenClash on hiatus until I graduate so I can complete these hard classes because it's hard to do both. I'm by no means saying that GenClash is done because I'm nowhere near done. Lots of new GenClash content is in the works and will be shared in the future.

I hope to return in 2024, but we'll see what happens next year.

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