Retronaut Selects: Star Star - The Love Drag Years (1992)

Published on 10 April 2023 at 09:15

The second album by Star Star was released on Roadrunner Records, and they were the first artist who wasn't a death metal band that Roadrunner signed.

It was a change in direction for the label, and from what I've heard, the label didn't like what these guys were doing. I don't think that you have to love every band you hear, but if you work at a record label, then you should be willing to check out bands that aren't the genre you listen to. Everyone thinks that these guys are so lucky because they got signed, when a band like them should get signed because they don't sound like other bands.

I'm shocked that people didn't try to promote a band like this. Listen to the album. Who can you compare this to? No one. I know that you'll say that I have to say this because they are a band I like, but I say this because this is how I feel. They blow my mind. If I created GenClash for any reason, it's because this is a band you should be listening to.

I have listened to The Love Drag Years many times, from beginning to end and on shuffle. I always feel like I wish I would've been around when this album came out so I could do PR, because I think that I could've helped a lot of artists because I want to listen to their music and I want to share it with other people.

Even though I have this thought, I also feel that I'm alive in the time period I'm supposed to be, because years after the original release, I'm listening to it and talking about it. I'm talking about it because people today aren't digging deeper and choosing what they want to listen to, they are choosing a playlist that someone else has curated on Spotify of songs that they choose to promote.

The music industry is the problem. They chose to promote grunge instead of rock, and this is my opinion, but rock releases from that time are way better than the few grunge songs I can say I like. I can't believe that the industry promotes one genre and not another.

The Love Drag Years is fantastic because this is a band of guys who weren't afraid to be different.

Essential Tracks: Diggy Dragster, My Little Cuisinette, Nervous

Fly Boy is on Spotify for the first time, and if you want to hear the entire Love Drag Years album,

you can download a free copy of it from Star Star's website, here:

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Check out their alter ego, Scream Idol on FB:

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