Premiere: Morley Bartnof & Th€ Randy Californians

Published on 29 March 2023 at 08:15

The debut single by Morley Bartnof and The Randy Californians is superb!!

We were told about the tune, and we wanted to share it with our readers,

After being in rock bands since I was 16, I thought it was finally important for me to use my actual birth name and tribute, my mentor and rock inspiration, Randy, California from the band Spirit.

For the last three years of my mother Ruth ‘s 98 year old life, I was her primary caregiver, so I also wanted to have a song that included her and mentions our dog George, who was her dog that I now care for.

I also wanted the band and the song to be designed with certain influences & energy of my friend, Randy California and his band Spirit.

When I was underage, and playing clubs in Las Vegas from midnight to 8 AM in a place called The Fog Cutter, Randy came in randomly, I recognized him immediately and after our set I went to introduce myself and appreciated what he said to me, which was "I really like the way you play keyboards. If we can find a recording studio that’s open early tomorrow morning, I want you to come and play on my first solo album for Epic Records called Kaptain Kopter and The Fabulous Twirly Birds.

Well we could not get a studio to open for us early on a Sunday morning, but a few years later that album came out, and I realized that the drummer on that album was ex- Motels, and Burning Sensations guitarist, Tim McGovern.

When Burning Sensations was playing a gig at Madame Wong's West, Randy came to see us, and when we were sitting down at a table watching the opening act, he said “Morley, you realize you were almost the keyboard player on that Kaptain Kopter album years before you would ever meet Tim and be in his band and then we both sang “it’s a small world after all” from the ride in Disneyland.

Rock In Psychedelic Peace, Randy, California,

Morley Bartnoff

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