New Additions To The Songs You Need To Hear: 3/29/23

Published on 29 March 2023 at 08:05

We only ask you to do one thing. All we ask you to do is listen.

This week, we have 40 tunes you need to hear. We were on Spring Break so we didn't share a playlist update last week. This week, you get last week's music and the music from the week before!

Our playlist this week includes: Star Star, Morley Bartnof and The Randy Californians, Eric Moore's GODZ The Machinez, Mammoth WVH, Tommy Frenzy, How Tragic, The Bluebells, Sofia Zida + Andy McCoy, Midnight Lover's Club, L.A. Guns, Electric Boys, David Lindley, Manowar, Tim Karr, Mockingbird Skies, Ian Hunter, Ayron Jones, Nova Lynn, Betcha, Chris Laubis, Stuck On Planet Earth, Lure, Ultra Q, No More Lullabies, Tora Tora and more!!!

Listen to this week's new additions and all the other tunes we feature in the playlist under the playlist graphics!

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