Interview: Scarlett Kenny

Published on 8 March 2023 at 08:10

1: What inspires you to create?

I think it’s the process of hearing, seeing, or feeling something that is so compelling that I want to make my own version of it. Whatever that may be. Sometimes it takes quiet a long time to figure out how I am going to interpret and create it is I want.

2: What advice would you give to someone who wants to be in a creative profession? 

Have time and patience with yourself as an artist. You’re in this for the long run. It’s easy to burn out when you are expecting yourself to perform like an athlete. Learn to respect yourself as an evolving artist. This is something I struggle with deeply.

3: Do you feel open minded about what you listen to? Do you like going out of your comfort zone? 

I am quite open minded to what I listen to. I’ve learned to teach myself to be open minded to all sorts of genres of music. Even to something I may not like at first. Overtime I might enjoy it later on. I love going out of my comfort zone. You can’t discover something you might love if you don’t give it a shot.

4: What outlets do you find out about music from? (Record stores, magazines, samplers, etc.)

I don’t usually go through any traditional outlets to find music. Most of the music I’ve known has come from either my father who is what I call a “music connoisseur” or friends who turn me on to something. But I’ve found really cool artists and bands by just letting my Spotify show me stuff, haha.

5: What is your favorite format to listen to music on? (CD, Vinyl, etc.) 

Definitely Vinyl. Vinyl is the most pleasurable experience in my opinion when it comes to music. I do really enjoy playing CDs though as well.

6: How do you feel the internet has impacted the music business? 

I think it’s been a blessing and a curse. Without the Internet, many of us would not of have heard certain artists or bands. But also with the Internet, we as people have expected music to be free. Its made the term “starving artist” much more surreal.

7: Who was the first band/artist that became your favorite band? 

The first band that became my favorite was the thrash band Megadeth. They are still considered my favorite band. I just fell in love with them the first time I heard it.

8: If you could open a show for any artist, who would it be? 

It’s a cross between Megadeth and Charley Crockett. One is my favorite band and the other is someone I’m really stylistically digging right now. I feel the audiences for both of them would be appreciative and open minded to what I’m trying to do.

9: Do you have any hobbies outside of music? 

Recently I’ve found myself doing some acting/ theatre work. I’m really enjoying it so far. I also like to hike, and practice martial arts when I can. 

10: What was the inspiration for your song “Salt Fed Love”? 

I knew from the beginning I wanted this song to be the opener of the EP. The main riff is intricate and catchy enough to be at the forefront. Lyrically, it stems from my recent battle with isolation, loneliness and frustration within my social and romantic life. I’ve always felt that I perceive this world from a different viewpoint than most other people. As if being a freshwater fish in a saltwater tank.

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