Retronaut Selects: Mother May I - 33 1/3 (2000)

Published on 27 February 2023 at 08:05

I've wanted to write about this album for a long time. When I found out that this album was on Spotify for the first time, I made time to write about it because it is a fantastic album that you need to hear.

This is the second album by Mother May I, which was released on an independent label is an album from the early 2000s, when lots of great music was being released but wasn't being promoted.

This is a story that has been true in many time periods because record companies choose what they want to promote instead of including everyone and helping people to discover new artists. 

I discover all these artists for a reason, and it is to share them with you.

Essential Tracks: Map Of The Stars, Reinvent The Wheel, Save You

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