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Published on 9 November 2022 at 12:43

Today, Riot Course's sophomore EP "Skin Deep" was released! We got to hear it early and we love what we heard. 

We spoke with them about the inspiration behind this EP, who designed the cover art, where it was recorded and more!!

1: How did you decide on the title, “Skin Deep"?

Skin Deep comes from the popular idiom "beauty is only skin deep". This EP touches on a few themes that have to do with coping with side-effects of only being loved/pursued for shallow reasons such as said outward beauty, and the lasting negative effects this can have. This is most overtly referenced on the EP lyrically in our song Downside. "I see it all as skin deep, the love they gave me."

2: What inspired you to create this EP?

This EP was largely inspired by the desire to accept past traumas that have shaped us for the worse, and move forward in harmony with them, and this acceptance of the past as motivation to recover and do better for oneself in the future.

3: Where was this EP recorded?

This EP was recorded by Mark Stewart at Raydon Studio in Keego Harbor, MI with additional assistance from Dylan Vanderson of the band Antighost.

4: What were you listening to while making this EP?

The three of us are inspired by a variety of artists within the emo/alternative realm and beyond, but some common shared influences include Deftones, MCR, System of a Down, Microwave, Basement, and Nirvana. Honorable mention to D>E>A>T>H>M>E>T>A>L by Panchiko.

5: Who did the cover art for this EP?

All of our cover art and merch has been designed by our very own Kate Emrich! Hire her if you're looking for some awesome digital artwork. You can find her design page @mebutevenworse on Instagram. 

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