Under The Radar: Baton Rouge

Published on 5 October 2022 at 08:01

I discovered Baton Rouge after I heard "Walks Like A Woman" a playlist made by my friend Steph! While looking through CDs, I found the CD of "Shake Your Soul" in my dad's collection and I burned it. I liked it, but when I heard their second album, "Lights Out On The Playground", I was blown away. I listened to it start to finish, never skipping any of the songs.

Baton Rouge were one of the many bands that existed but weren't promoted due to the rise of grunge, where many hard rock bands stopped being promoted and grunge started being promoted which resulted in countless hard rock bands disbanding, and many grunge acts being promoted and becoming popular.

If you've never listened to Baton Rouge, give 'em a listen, add them to a playlist and share their music with a friend!!

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