Retronaut Selects: Umphrey's McGee - Zonkey (2016)

Published on 3 October 2022 at 10:15

I remember discovering Umphrey's McGee at Gallery Of Sound, when I heard "Zonkey" playing in the store. I was blown away at what I heard. The song that got my attention was "Life During Exodus" and I had to know what I was listening to. The answer is Umphrey's McGee.

This album features mashups of Frankie Goes To Hollywood, The Weeknd, Talking Heads, Motorhead, Beck, The Verve, AC/DC and many more.

It combines the old and the new, and you'll hear some of your favorite tunes and you'll discover a few too.

Essential Tracks: Can't Rock My Dream Face, Life During Exodus, Strangetage

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