Retronaut Favorites: Corey Hart

Published on 28 September 2022 at 10:35

I remember discovering Corey Hart after my dad mentioned "Sunglasses At Night" during a conversation we were having. He asked me if I had ever listened to it before, which I hadn't. I remember listening to it, and liking it.

I got really into Corey Hart after my dad let me borrow his Corey Hart albums to listen to on vinyl. I loved "First Offense", and I listened to "Boy In The Box" a lot when I started college. I listened to "Lamp At Midnite", "At The Dance", and "Peruvian Lady" all the time.

He's one of many fantastic pop/rock artists from the 1980s along with artists like Nik Kershaw, Charlie Sexton, and Limahl. Like everything I listen to, I discovered Corey Hart from my dad mentioning "Sunglasses At Night" to me, but I wanted to hear more than his hit song. The hit isn't the only song worth listening to. Listen to the hit and listen to the deep cuts too.

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